The gift for this Christmas: the SAFETYBAND® gel bracelet

You don’t know what to give away this Christmas and you’re tired of always resorting to the same thing? From SAFETYBAND we make you a proposal: our hydroalcoholic gel bracelets. Surprise your loved ones with a different, original and necessary Christmas gift

What to give this Christmas 2020?

Perfumes, clothing, sports equipment, the latest technology… These are popular gifts that we use every Christmas to express our love for our loved ones. But this year SAFETYBAND offers you a very useful gift, different and suitable for any member of the family: ourrechargeable hydroalcoholic gel bracelet.

Qué mejor demostración de cariño hacia nuestros familiares y amigos que un regalo que muestra nuestra preocupación por ellos, que quiere protegerlos y cuidarlos durante esta nueva normalidad. The SAFETYBAN sanitizing gel bracelet is the best Christmas gift you can give to your loved ones at a time when bio-security has become so important.

Original gifts: skin protection and care

The SAFETYBAND® hydroalcoholic gel dispenser bracelet is the best way to have your hands sanitized after every action you take. But not only that. Thanks to the formula of its gel, you will have your hands hydrated and cared for.

SAFETYBAND liquid is dermatologicallytested and developed according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization. It is mostly composed of ethanol and contains coconut and soya vegetable glycerin and a high concentration of aloe vera. And it’s also free of parabens and paraffins.

With the SAFETYBAND sanitizing gel bracelet you will have your hands free of bacteria and germs, protect yourself, others and your skin.

Want to know how the SAFETYBAND Gel Wristband works?

It’s very simple. You only have to place the gel dispenser bracelet on your wrist and with your free hand press the gel dispenser button. Just like that! The gel will fall only on the palm of your hand, because it is equipped with an anti-drip system.

This bracelet has a refillable capsule with which you can apply up to 25 doses, the equivalent of 10 millilitres of gel. In addition, when you purchase your SAFETYBAND you will receive an extra capsule that you can take with you anywhere as a replacement capsule. Forget about heavy gel packs, uncomfortable wipes or having to find soap and water to wash your hands.

With the SAFETYBAND gel bracelet you have the protection you need in these times at your fingertips, literally!

The Christmas gift with an innovative design

In addition to protecting yourself and others from bacteria and germs, the SAFETYBAND waterproof gel bracelet combines with any style. The firm Ankuda Union has designed an anti-COVID bracelet thinking of all the details, including the design. That is why they have been inspired by the Apollo 11 space mission to create this indispensable complement to the new normality.

You can purchase your SAFETYBAND gel bracelet in various colors. Moreover, it adapts to any type of doll so you also have at your disposal hydroalcoholic gel bracelets for children.

So you know what to get everyone around you this Christmas. The SAFETYBAND gel dispenser bracelet will be the best Christmas gift you can give.

SAFETY BAND: the ideal gift for fathers, mothers, children, grandparents…

Thanks to its design and materials, SAFETYBAND is the perfect Christmas gift for any member of the family. As it is adaptable to any type of doll, it is perfect for any age. Give your children the gel bracelet and you won’t have to worry about their hand hygiene when you’re not with them.

If your partner works in direct contact with clients or outdoors he will surely appreciate a gift like the SAFETYBAND sanitizing gel bracelet. You won’t have to interrupt your work to disinfect your hands, nor will you have to keep an eye on the gel containers, gaining in time and in comfort.

And if you want to surprise the older ones, a risk group, this dispenser bracelet will help them in their day to day. They will feel safer and more protected if they know that with a simple movement they will be able to have their hands clean and disinfected.

No matter how old you are, SAFETYBAND is designed to make life easier for all kinds of groups. What are you waiting for to get yours?

Take advantage of our offer and give this Christmas the SAFETYBAND® gel bracelet

We want to make it even easier for you to surprise this Christmas and that is why we have prepared a offer that you will surely like. If you buy SAFETYBAND now you will receive our exclusive sanitizing gel bracelet, two refillable capsules and a 100ml bottle of high quality gel to refill your capsules and a lanyardto keep another device with sanitizing gel within reach.

In addition, you will be able to benefit from a discount on the price, since you will take SAFETYBAND for 19.95 euros instead of the 23.95 that it usually costs. Don’t wait any longer!


Getting the SAFETYBAND antiCOVID dispenser bracelet is very easy. Just enter on the website, choose the color you like and place your order. You only have to leave us your bank details and the address to which you want us to send the SAFETYBAND bracelet.

In a few days, you will receive this exclusive bracelet of 100% Spanish design with which to face the new normality in a safe and comfortable way.


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