Protect yourself and others from Covid-19 by disinfecting your hands frequently

Keep your hands free from germs and bacteria wherever you go with the SAFETYBAND®️, the perfect companion to face the “new normal”.

The innovative design inspired by the Apollo 11 space mission uses refillable capsules containing our exclusive hypoallergenic sanitizer and moisturizer to keep your skin protected. Its exclusive patented system allows you to carry extra, ready-to-use refill capsules in your pocket. SAFETYBAND®️ is ideal for public works and situations that require constant hand hygiene.

SAFETYBAND®️ is the ideal solution for public-facing professions that require constant hand disinfection and a quick change system that does not interrupt daily work. Businesses like hotels, restaurants, and many others can benefit from our system allowing for quick and easy disinfection.

Protect your employees and customers with frequent disinfection. SAFETYBAND®️ for companies offers:

  • Personalization with brand color scheme
  • Personalized wrist straps with company logos


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