The SAFETYBAND waterproof gel bracelet for children. Discover it!

Are you worried about your kids having clean hands when they’re out of the house? With the waterproof gel bracelet for children SAFETYBAND you can rest assured. Your children will be able to disinfect their hands whenever necessary thanks to this children’s gel bracelet dispenser.

The gel bracelet dispenser for children to protect your children from COVID

The new normality has imposed a series of measures that we must all comply with. Among them is the correct hand hygiene. And you, as a parent, want your child to be protected and protect others, but it is not always under your eyes.

With the SAFETYBAND children’s hydrogel bracelet you can be sure that your child will always have what he needs to keep his hands clean. When you are at school, while you play with your friends or even when you visit your loved ones you can disinfect your hands with a simple and easy movement.

Is the SAFETY BAND gel bracelet for children suitable for all ages?

The team of engineers who developed the SAFETYBAND gel dispenser bracelet thought of every detail, including child safety.

The SAFETY BAND capsules are designed so that the force to be exerted on it with the finger is the necessary for a child from 10 years old to make a dosage, while for children under 10 years old it will be more complicated. Therefore, the use of this bracelet should be supervised by an adult in children between 5 and 10 years old.

The gel of your SAFETYBAND contains a harmless bitterness agent to prevent the ingestion of the liquid by children.

The bracelet with hydroalcoholic gel has been designed to fit all wrists, regardless of their diameter, and with a comfortable and quick closure. In addition, its strap is hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of colors.

With the SAFETYBAND hydroalcoholic gel bracelet you can rest assured that your child will always be protected against germs and bacteria.

The SAFETYBAND children’s hydroalcoholic gel bracelet How does it work?

The operation of the SAFETYBAND water-based gel bracelet is very simple. You must place the bracelet on your child’s wrist and he or she, with only pressing the dispenser button with a drip system, can disinfect his or her hands after each action.

In this way, you will release a dose of hypoallergenic and moisturizing sanitizing gel and you will not have to search for a jar of gel. You will always have your hydroalcoholic gel close by, allowing you to be protected and to protect your friends and loved ones from viruses, germs and bacteria.

With the SAFETY BAND children’s gel bracelet, keeping your hands clean will always be part of the game.

Safety and peace of mind with the SAFETYBAND® children’s gel bracelet

With the SAFETYBAND children’s hydrogel bracelet, your children will have an easy, fast and efficient system to keep their hands clean, so they can safely face the new normality imposed by the COVID-19.

The little ones in the house can have their hands cleaned and disinfected in one go and do not have to carry around cumbersome containers of water-alcoholic gel or disinfectant wipes.

The eco-friendly, rechargeable SAFETYBAND children’s hydrogel bracelet

Each SAFETYBAND includes two refillable hydroalcoholic gel capsules with up to 20 doses, so your children don’t have to carry around their gel bottle, disinfectant wipes or be on the lookout for soap and water to wash their hands.

Each capsule contains 10 millilitres of a dermatologically tested hydroalcoholic and moisturising gel which not only protects but also cares for the skin.

In addition, you can always have the second extra capsule ready as a spare part and its small size will allow you to carry it around without it being uncomfortable or heavy.

In addition, with each SAFETYBAND waterproof gel bracelet you will receive a 100ml bottle of sanitizing gel with which to refill the capsules.

Where can I buy the SAFETYBAND children’s hydroalcoholic gel bracelet?

If you want to make sure your children always have gel nearby to disinfect their hands, just get a SAFETYBAND bracelet through their website

SAFETYBAND comes in ten different colours and has a very innovative design. You only have to choose the color you like best, select the number of units you want and indicate the method of payment.


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